Family & Children & Thoughts On Things

Remember them. Remember why.

“Gathered here on hallowed ground, etched in echoes of somber sound of muffled drum and freedom’s song, are the boots of those so young. May we keep what they have saved so we honor what they’ve done. They died so we could keep that song– such sacrifice from those so young. May we always hear […]

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All over the world, students are graduating from schools at every level: grade schools, high schools, colleges, graduate schools, medical schools, law schools. And for you who are graduating, I offer my heartfelt congratulations, and thanks! Why thanks? Because of course it marks an accomplishment. But it also marks you–the graduate–as a learner, as someone who understands […]

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom! Happy Mother’s Day to my wife! Happy Mother’s Day to all moms! Enjoy your special day!

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  Nurses are so important to all of us. And many people don’t realize how important they are to the entire health care system. They are your advocates in a hospital. They are the front line of medicine. They ask questions. They listen. They observe. They touch. They assess. They care. They know a lot […]

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Happy Thanksgiving 2014!

I just want to wish everyone who visits here and reads my little pieces a very happy Thanksgiving Day!  I am grateful to you.  This is a uniquely American tradition, and as much as it has been commercialized, it still retains value because it helps to bring friends and families together. And special thanks to […]

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Love & Wedding Poems

Weddings!  A Thousand Dreams

A Thousand Dreams   I love writing wedding poems! One of the first pieces I wrote was for my bride when we got married.  We had a friend read it in the ceremony. He did a great job!  One of these days I’ll post that one here. For now, I am showing “A Thousand Dreams.”  […]

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