As 2013 prepares to exit . . .

Simple. Perfect.

A simple message of gratitude to your friend.

Take out the garbage!

Make room for what’s new!

Then bring it home!

Bring it home to you!

We now prepare to start a new year.  We like to think it’s a new beginning. And we like to think it’s the end of another. But of course it’s just another day, because the sun comes up, and then goes down, and then comes up again.  But we celebrate nonetheless, because we use that calendar, the measure of time, to plot the dots of our lives on our own timeline.  And we want the ups to keep going up (assuming they’re good!) and the downs to keep going down, so they are fewer and less severe.

So, first take out the garbage.  Figure out what is worth keeping, and choose to enjoy what is good and worth keeping!

Then, make room for what’s new!

Let’s make it happen!  Make the ups be better and more frequent!  And the downs not so depressing, and less frequent. It’s not all a state of mind, but that’s a part of it, and that’s a part of it that we can try to influence, without much expense, though it might take some energy.

It’s really the only place to start. And we must do that every day. Give yourself a little makeover, even just a little one. Lose a couple pounds. Smile at someone you don’t know.  This costs nothing.

For now, reflect on 2013, and think about how to make 2014 better for you, for your family, and for everyone you can!  But first, take out the garbage! Make room for what’s new! And then bring in the new!  It’s not always what you get from a store, or a package in the mail.  The best things you get are what you bring to you!  A new idea. A new attitude.  A new friend.  Be a better friend.  A new puppy.  A new baby.  A new body.  A new book.  A new way of thinking. A new way of looking at (read, appreciating) your husband or wife or son or daughter or employee or boss or friend or . . . They will look at you differently too, and it may take some getting used to. But it’s necessary, because we only have ourselves, and each other, and we need to make us the best we can be.  We need to be something new, which is to say, something better, something different from what you’ve had in the past, from the you that used to be, from what we’ve been in the past and used to be.

That’s the second step, after taking out the garbage! Get something new. Better yet, be something new, even if just a little bit! 


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