Dancing to the Echo   An Etched Wedding Poem  11 x 14 inches

Dancing to the Echo An Etched Wedding Poem 11 x 14 inches

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A poem about friendship, attraction, flirting, love (maybe!), separation, and love again:  the changes life brings.

Dancing to the Echo


Love strikes in odd ways, doesn't it?   I had known my wife, mostly as a friend of other friends, for several years before we ever started dating.  We did not see each other as potential life partners, for reasons that we didn't then, or now, know.  We both think that there must have been some unrecognized spark.  We recall that we always laughed together! 

Sometimes people are in love at first sight, then separate, then get back together.  This poem is for them.  It was originally a commissioned poem, for a wedding gift.  


“But hearts seek hearts to be fulfilled 

and call to listening ears;

those calls can sometimes echo 

through space and time and other hearts, 

through many miles and years.”


A great gift for a wedding couple with an interesting history. They can have it read in their ceremony.  SeePermission to Use for Limited Purpose.”

It is etched on black matte (11 by 14 inches) with an oval second matte (3 1/2 by 5 inches) for the photograph.


Only $169.99

Add $25.00 for personalization.  Email me with names of the couple and the date of the wedding.  

Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

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