An Orchid for Gloria

I loved writing this poem!

I wish I had a better picture of this piece.  It was taken at an angle, and you see some reflections in the glass that covers the text. My apologies. But I really loved writing this poem.  And since this was written and etched and framed, Gloria has passed.

An elderly gentleman was caring for his wife who suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease.  He asked me to write something about her to commemorate her life. He loved her very much, and was sad that she had to suffer with this disease.  She was a very special lady, and one of her hobbies had been to grow beautiful orchids.  The orchid theme was inspired by a photograph that their granddaughter had taken of Gloria, and we used that photo as the centerpiece of the piece.

An heirloom! It still hangs proudly in his home.

 An Orchid for Gloria

An Orchid for Gloria ©Daniel Mark Extrom 2009-2013.

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