Another Graduation Poem: Learning to Fly

Learning to Fly
It’s graduation season again, a time of looking back, a time of looking forward, a time of reflection, a time of anticipation. It is a time of celebration. A milestone is reached, as new paths move into view.
“Learning to Fly” was originally written for my nephews when they graduated from high school. It is actually written as a congratulatory poem from the perspective of the parents, with some advice to the student. I hope you enjoy it!  It makes a great gift for the graduate, whether high school or college. You can insert your graduate’s photo in the opening, or a photo with the parents or siblings or significant other too!    The above version is 20 inches by 16 inches.

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Learning to Fly in Green. Short Version 10x8 inches.

Learning to Fly in Green. Short Version 10×8 inches.

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Learning to Fly

Today we see a happy hawk
prepare to leave the nest.
Eager feet now take the walk:
and so begins the test.


 Excited, happy, tentative,
confident, afraid.
“Can I fly?  Can I live?”—
emotions firm but frayed.


 Parents’ thoughts race wildly
of tiny legs and wings,
recalling moments tenderly,
but time to cut the strings.


 “Fly, come fly, majestically—
your wings spread wide and strong!
Keep us in your memory
as you fly so high and long!


 “Remember what we’ve taught you:
move with strength and grace.
Let no one deter you
as you move among your space.


 “There are many others similar,
but none so quite unique.
Your place above the clouds secure,
be strong in what you seek.


“The winds may blow against you,
cold and sharp and strong.
But nothing can restrain you:
know that you belong.


“Adversity is always there—
without it you’ll grow weak.
Be wary of the crowded air—
it’s filled with those who do not seek.


 “Celebrate diversity—
without it, life’s mundane.
Seek individuality—
your name is your refrain.


 “Find comfort in the friends you make,
but do not let them mold you:
the goals you hold may be at stake—
let integrity enfold you.


 “Learn from those who love to learn,
and not from those who must.
Knowledge gained seeks return
and wisdom is a sacred trust.


 “Now fly and do so happily!
You have passed the test.
But know that you will always be
a child in our nest.


 “This is all we ask of you:
Be kind.  Be strong.  Be free.
And know that we will love you,
wherever you may be.”

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 All poems copyright Daniel Mark Extrom 2009-2012. All rights reserved. No copying or other use of these poems without express permission of the author.






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