April is Organ Donation Month: Have A Heart (Download Version)

Have A Heart

Have A Heart
8×10 inches
Donate life


Have A Heart:

A poem to encourage organ donation. 


Now also available as a download. And on sale too!


“Your gift can save a mom or dad
or help a child survive.
You can mend a broken heart
and keep someone alive.”


This was originally written for a 20 year old man who desperately needed both a heart and a kidney.  He had first undergone a heart transplant when he was only a few days old.  He had been born with a defective heart. But that first transplanted heart, without which he would have died when he was just a few days old, was starting to wear out.  And now a kidney started to fail too.

Have A Heart

Have A Heart
4×6 inches
Donate life

He was in the hospital for several months, sometimes too sick to be able to undergo the surgery when a heart or kidney became available.  Then he would have to wait some more, hoping he’d be healthy enough to be able to undergo the surgery, but a heart and a kidney needed to become available for him.

Finally, a heart became available, and his health stabilized enough to enable the surgeons and the surgical team to do  its work. And then he had to undergo surgery to transplant a kidney the next day. 

And now, several years later, thanks to the organ donors and their families, and thanks to incredible medical care and talent, he survived, and today he goes around the country speaking about the importance of organ donation.

Be an organ donor.  Donate Life.  Your life will live again.

To see the downloadable poem, in both 8×10 and 4×6 inch sizes,  click here. The downloaded poem can be printed in your printer and inserted into a frame.

To see the 4×6 inch photo poem, click here.

To see the 20×16 etched version, click here.

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