Donate Life: So Hope Will Live

So Hope Will Live

So Hope Will Live

 This poem was written as a “thank you” from the perspective of an organ recipient to his or her  donor and donor family.  It is called “So Hope Will Live.”  It can be etched with room for a photograph.  

Disclaimer: I am not an organ recipient, but I know someone who is, and his gratitude, as you can imagine, is eternal, as is his family’s. We all  hope that we will never need the gift of an organ, but it is sure nice to know that if we do, there are donors and families who care, and there are medical professionals who have the skills and the caring to facilitate the donation. And sad as it is that someone needs a donor, and sad as it is that the donor is often a deceased young person, the gift of life joins two families. 

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So Hope Will Live

We are strangers now a family,
forever joined—not by choice—
but joined by need and joined by pain:
a cry for love, a cry for life,
so hope will live, eternally,
born of saddest irony.
Life will never be the same—
not for you and not for me.
One you love – who shares your name—
now is gone, but I remain:
a second chance, a new domain—
a gift of life that lives in me,
strangers now a family.
A part of you now lives in me,
and we are joined like family—
not in blood and not in name,
different, yes, and yet the same—
joined in cause and common voice—
knowing that there is a choice
to donate life to someone else
so they may live their life again.
May each life be for all
a light ahead in driving rain.
Your gift has given life to me—
a gift of love, born of pain;
joined by science, joined by fate—
a bond that bridges life and death—
a bond of love, a bond of pain—
a sad and strange irony—
a gift of life now given me,
and strangers now a family,
burdens borne with different names.
Know that I am grateful
for the life you gave to me.
May my life give you light
wherever you may be.
And may my life bring comfort
from the pain that hurts you so:
we are strangers now a family,
wherever we may go.
And may the life that lives in me
shine the light so all can see
that life goes on ironically
when we choose to donate life,
so hope will live eternally.
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Copyright Daniel Mark Extrom 2009-2014.  All rights reserved.
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