Etching & Printing

A Note on Etching and Printing

Etched pieces can be personalized with the subject’s name.  Etched pieces are made one at a time and  require a darker color matte.  We can also include a date (birthday, wedding date, etc.) or a “from” line (“from Mom and Dad,” for example) or perhaps some other short text.

Below is a sample of etched text. The text will have a light beige or tan color due to the etching process.  This is why a darker colored matte works better.  Because etched pieces are special orders, payment must be received at time of ordering and will not be refunded.  These pieces are made to your specifications by the inclusion of names, wedding dates, etc., and therefore cannot be sold elsewhere.

Etching Sample

Printed pieces are beautiful too.  They involve putting ink on top of the matting.  Printed pieces cannot be personalized at this time.  Most pieces come in various matte colors, in 20 by 16 inch size and/or 10 by 8 inch size, and most can be purchased with or without a frame.  See specific pieces for size, availability and pricing.  Below is a sample of a printed piece with white ink on blue matte.



If you have an idea or request to put one of these poems on a specific object (coffee cups, bottles, T-shirts, etc.),  contact me and I will let you know if it can be done.