Freedom From Tyranny Day!

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It is Independence Day, the 4th of July, 2011.

It has been 235 years since our Declaration of Independece was signed.

What did it really mean?  I think it meant that we, the colonists, demanded to be free of the tyranny of the British monarchy.  King George wanted this vast and uncharted land to be a supplier of raw materials and precious metals for England, and to provide new markets for British goods and services.  In short, it was the age of imperialism, primarily for economic bounty, but also for military outposts to pave the way for further expansion, i.e., more imperialism.  But certain colonists saw the writing on the wall, and knew that it would only get worse, because the powers behind the throne would also need more and demand more. King George and England owned America – the land – and for awhile, tried to own its people too. And not for altruistic reasons. Who owned King George?  Who owned the monarchy?  He needed economic health, both large companies and small, so that those under his reign would not revolt.  Thus, the common people (you and me) needed to sense that their lives were livable, and might even get better.

235 years later our nation seems to be in the same kind of battle:  Who is now the tyrant?  Where now is our freedom?  Do you feel free?  Who owns you now?  Is your life getting better?  Do you feel optimistic?  Why?  Why not?  Who owns our country?  Are there people who tell the government what to do?  Could it be that those who can contribute the most money to our elected officials (who of course will say they are beholden to no one) actually own us all?  The Big Companies get bigger.  The rich get richer.  But is anyone really acting on your behalf?  Or are you the subject of some other form of tyranny?  If the bottom line on big balance sheets controls the actions of your government, who really controls your life?

Is this a new form of tyranny?  Not really.  It’s always been a part of the political landscape, everywhere.

But our nation’s Constitution was written to protect the oppressed from oppressors, from tyrants who act only in their own best interests.  And government was intended, in part, to protect us from the whims of oppressors, whether foreign or domestic. And governments are not the only oppressors. There are oppressors everywhere:  the individual who drives on your tail to force you to get out of the way, because he believes that speed limit laws do not apply to him; the politician who demands campaign contributions to support a piece of legislation; the bully on the school bus; mean people who insist that their needs must be met first, etc.

When the Constitution was drafted, a woman asked Ben Franklin what kind of government had been created.  He answered: “A democracy, if you can keep it.”  What did he know?  A wise man indeed.  We need to keep it. Everyone’s voice must be heard, and no big corporate voices and no money should be heard more than even the poorest among us.

Is goverment doing its job?  Or is it an agent of other oppressors?  Who are they, really? The balance has shifted in recent years, don’t you think?

Be kind. Be strong.  Be free from tyranny!

Happy Birthday, America!  May you live long and free!

And remember how you began.

Where is my America?


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