Most pieces are shown in frames in the Shop and in the Blog entries. Frames are used in the website simply to serve as examples of how the piece might look like in someone’s home. Frames are subject to availability, and we reserve the right to substitute a frame of a similar color to that seen on the product page. We carry a limited variety of frames.

Some pieces are sold as “Framed Only.” Others are available either framed or unframed.  Some may even be sold as unframed only. Generally, the items shown in the Gallery are shown framed.  They will also generally appear framed in the Shopping Cart.  If you order an item without a frame, the Gallery will generally still show a framed item, as will the Shopping Cart.  This avoids cluttering the site with photos of unframed mattes.  If you order an unframed item, you will receive an unframed item, even though the Gallery and Shopping Cart may show a framed piece.

As the frames do contain glass, we ship the pieces with great care to prevent breakage.  Be very careful when opening the package, and watch for breaks or cracks in the glass right away.  If there is a break or crack, please let the shipper (US Postal Service) know of the breakage and contact us within 7 days of receipt if there is breakage.  We will quickly get a replacement piece to you. We cannot and will not be responsible for injuries caused by cracking or breakage of glass during shipping.