Happy Father’s Day to All Dads!

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June 17 is Father’s Day. Happy Father’s Day to my dad, and to all fathers! Enjoy it!

My dad has always been very good at fixing things—windows, cars, bicycles, etc.  I am not, and never have been. Here’s a poem to honor his “fix-ability.”

       My Father Can Fix Anything

My father can fix anything.


This was always true.

He can make a motor purr.

He can make a blender stir.

He can make a faucet tight.

He can make a clock work right.

He could fix my airplane’s wing.

He can fix most anything.


The things I fix don’t seem to stay

fixed for very long.

I drill a hole, turn a screw—

it doesn’t hold­­—add more glue!

I pull a handle—nothing works.

If they’re there I find the quirks!

I push a button, then it breaks.

I don’t have what it takes.


Then I think: there is one thing!

Though I can’t fix anything,

and though it makes me mad,

there is one thing, I must say, I have always had:

when things that break just make me blue,

there is one thing I know to do:

I don’t waste time feeling sad—

I grab the phone and call my dad!

Happy Father’s Day!


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