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An Heirloom.  A Beautiful Memory.


The Perfect Present.

Heirloom: “A family possession handed down from generation to generation.” (dictionaryreference.com)

Daniel Mark Picture Poems:

Two Arts Together: A Beautiful Vision Etched on the Mind.

Every home deserves an heirloom

Of course, you have millions of gift items to choose from, but you want to give something special, something they will treasure, something they will talk about, and something they will look at—and think of you.  Because they love it.

Give something personal. Something they will stop to look at every day, that will stand out because it is unique and because it is personal.  

Ask yourself: How many gifts are heirlooms? And how many heirlooms are affordable?  Look around your own home. Family pictures. Perhaps some vacation photos or a couple of posters, or maybe an oil painting or watercolor that you picked up at an art fair. These are all nice. But how about something really different? And really interesting? You don’t have to love poetry to love these (though you might learn to like it a little!). They look beautiful, and make your pictures look beautiful. Wouldn’t you like something different?  Wouldn’t they?

Not only can it be seen, it can be “heard” too.  They will say the words to themselves.  With a photograph of them, her, him, or the two of you, or your child, or your home, or even your dog, a picture poem from Daniel Mark Picture Poems will be unique.  Beautiful. Personal.  An heirloom.  Every home should have an heirloom.

Heirlooms honor.  Heirlooms celebrate.  Heirlooms say “You are special.”  Or “You have done something special!”

Heirlooms:  generation to generation

We celebrate families.  We celebrate friends.  We celebrate traditions.  We celebrate people.  We celebrate special occasions.  We celebrate any occasion.  We celebrate life.  And we celebrate those who are no longer alive. We celebrate seasons.  We celebrate dogs too!  And almost anything else you can think of.

These are gifts unlike any others.  A poetic legacy, sure to attract the attention of everyone who comes to your home or office or their home or office.  A poetic tribute to honor their family, your family, your home, your loved one, your friend, an accomplishment.  Even their dog or your dog!

A timeless gift: Your gift will go on giving, one generation after another

How cool is that?  And everyone will be happy to see it, read it, and hear it.

Weddings.  Engagements.  Anniversaries.  Graduations.  Homes.  Memorials. Veterans.

Accomplishments. Celebrations. Friends. A special way to say “Thank you!” to friends or co-workers or employees.

Even ways to honor or remember a dog! (Haven’t written a cat or horse poem yet, but I’m open to it!)

For anyone special. (And everyone is special!) For any occasion. A centerpiece for a family room or office. An heirloom.

Visit the Shop. 

You are bound to find something special—

perhaps even an heirloom! 

Whatever it is, it will be something special

that you will be proud to give.

The perfect present.

And, we can create something even more special!  It doesn’t have to be a holiday or special occasion. Sometimes you just want to say “I love you” or “Thank you” or “I appreciate you” or “I’m thinking of you” or “You are special to me.” See the Commissioned Poems page if you would like me to write something just for your loved one or friend. Or, if you would like us to create a coffee mug with a poem and picture on it, we can do that too, though we don’t carry these in stock at present.  Or, if you are interest in something even more different, or to purchase in volume, see the Special Requests & Volume Orders page.

Even if you are not looking for a gift, you might enjoy reading the Blog page.  Among other things, you will see poems that are not included in the Shop. I’d love to hear your thoughts, comments and ideas!

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Daniel Mark Picture Poems:

Beautiful Words. Beautiful Pictures.

Two Arts Together: A Beautiful Vision Etched on the Mind.

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