It Wasn’t Very Long Ago – Graduation Poem for a Daughter

High school and college graduations are milestones in a young person’s life. They should be celebrated, and the work of your student should be appreciated.  These young people have worked very hard, under much stress, and they face a future that offers no guarantees.  Let’s hope they take better care of our world.  We need them.  Celebrate them! Appreciate them! Love them.

This poem was written several years ago for the beautiful daughter of some dear friends. I hope you enjoy it.

It Wasn’t Very Long Ago

It wasn’t very long ago
you came into this world.
Your family has watched you grow
to a woman from a girl.


When you were born, the universe
brought forth a shining star.
Your parents are so proud to see
how beautiful you are.


Now you take a few small steps
in to your own domain.
Today the stars around you dim
in honor of your reign.


You’ve learned that education is
the key to your success,
And with talent and ambition
you always will impress.


Your smile, strength and confidence
reflect the work you’ve done.
Wisdom still reminds you that
you’ve only just begun.


While we praise your great achievements,
we now take time to pause:
We remember most your kindness
and we break into applause.


But more than your accomplishments,
more than medals won,
you are a loving daughter
whose smile blinds the sun!


Copyright 2008-2012   Daniel Mark Extrom.  All rights reserved. No part of this poem may be copied or disseminated with express written permission.

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