It’s Graduation Season! Here’s one for your graduate!

A gift your graduate will long remember!  With his or her photo in it!

The piece shown below is printed.  Insert your graduate’s photo in the opening. 

If you want, we can even put his or her name in it, though only on an etched piece. This will require a special order, as we need the name and, if you want, the date of the graduation ceremony.  And order early, as these will take some time to process.

Here is a gift your graduate will treasure forever!  And there are some words of wisdom (if I do say so myself!) in the poem. Or, if you want to put the poem into a high school yearbook or graduation book with contributions from parents (many schools now ask parents to write something to put in a memory graduation book for their young graduates), please see the Commissioned Poems page (under The Store heading, in the section titled “Permission or Allowance to Publish or Use for Limited Purpose.” (I do ask for author credit (that’s me) and that you pay $10.00 for the use of this or any poem on this site, because I have bills to pay, and if you use it without permission, it’s a violation of copyright law, and it’s unfair to those who do pay for it, and it’s not fair to me, either!  Thank you for understanding!  Sincerely.)

Here is one graduation poem that we gave to a young lady several years ago. She still treasures it!

Each Day You Write Your History

Sometimes it’s so hard to see
just how much we’ve grown.Each Day You Write Your History  10x8 Lndscp LtBrownFrame/BlackMatte
We measure life in stages
and by people we have known.
And now you’ve reached a milestone,
and turned another page.
We applaud your great accomplishment
and watch you take your stage.
There are those who’ll try to change you.
Hold firm to who you are.
Be in charge of your own life:
make your home but travel far.
Leave time for some adventure,
and let your spirit soar.
But listen for your silent self
above the world’s roar.
Each day you write your history.
You know you have the skill
to solve your own life’s mystery: 
Write it as you will.
Daniel Mark Extrom
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Copyright Daniel Mark Extrom 2008-2012. All rights reserved. No part of this poem can be reprinted or copied without express written permission.

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