It’s Poetry Month and Organ Donation Month

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Have A Heart

Have A Heart
Donate Life.


It’s Poetry Month and Organ Donation Month, all at once!  Be a donor!  Be a writer!  Be a reader!

Here is “Have A Heart,” originally written for a young man who underwent his second heart transplant at age 20 (the first was as an infant), and a kidney transplant, also at age 20.  And he’s doing great!  Steve Jobs was an organ recipient.  And former VP Dick Cheney is now a heart recipient.  Be an organ donor!  And write or read a poem!


Have A Heart

Sometimes life can break a heart –
it cannot stand the strain.
But no one lives a life, we know,
BuViagra OnlineBut no one lives a life, we know,
that does not have some pain.
But I have seen the frantic eyes
of mothers in their tears –
overwhelmed by life itself,
overwhelmed with fears –
fearing that the kids they love
will live but months, not years.
And I have heard the quiet prayers
of fathers in the dark
asking God to give their sons
just one more healthy heart.
I have seen the heartache
of a husband for his wife,
who needs a healthy kidney
so she can can have her life.
There are so many children,
so many broken hearts,
needing just a little help –
perhaps a few spare parts.
Your gift can save a mom or dad
or help a child survive.
You can mend a broken heart
and keep someone alive.
There are so many people
who are just like me
whose lives might well be mended
and you might hold the key.
I’m not asking for a favor;
I’m just looking for a friend
who wants to help another life
reach its destined end.
Your life can keep on giving
even when you’re gone.
You will go on living
as someone else lives on.
You see, there are so many lives
that you can help to mend.
Be a gift. Have a heart.
Be the one to save a life:
your life will live again.
Copyright Daniel Mark Extrom 2009-2012.  All rights reserved.
Disclaimer: I am not an organ recipient, and I hope I never have to be one.  But, for all of us, it’s good to know that the medical technology and skills are there if we need it.  And, it’s good to know that there are donors too!


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2 Reader Comments

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  1. Julie Krebs says:

    Hi my name is Julie and I was hoping I would be able to receive permission to use this piece in a school competition. It would not be published, i would just like to read it judges to persuade them to become organ donors. I am an organ donor and my brother passed away about three years ago and was also an organ donor. I would just like permission to read this piece for my competition and I won’t publish it. Thank you. I am so grateful for all the organ donors and those who gave the greatest sacrifice.

  2. Dan says:

    Dear Julie,

    Thank you for your comment! I am so sorry about your brother. Out of tragedy someone else received life.
    I very much appreciate that you asked permission to use this poem. I think you are referring to “Have a Heart.” You have my permission to read this poem for your school competition. I am honored and I hope it encourages people to sign up to become donors. You probably also saw the other organ donation poems on the site, including “The Legacy” and “So Hope Will Live.” Good luck with the competition! You are a winner already!

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