It’s running season. (Not politicians.) Real runners! Marathoners.

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Marathon. Part II:

Do you know a marathoner?  They often have a 26.2 on the backs of their cars.  This is for them!  Or you!

You, or your favorite runner, will love this piece.  The other day, I posted “Runner’s Blessing.”

Today, I am posting “Marathon.”  This is one of my earliest, and still, one of my favorite, poems.  Picture yourself, or your favorite runner’s picture, surrounded by this heirloom. Make your experience more memborable than ever before!

A great gift for the runner.  You will enjoy giving this as much as they enjoy getting it! Or you will like your own picture in it!

And it will inspire them, and you, to keep going!

You Are A Part of History






I have trained my legs
to know their proper place,
to seek their outer limits,
to find controlled pace.
I have trained my mind
to focus on the road,
to stay the course and block the pain:
a rhythmic, tranquil code.
I have trained my heart
to beat with strength and pride,
to drive my body forward
on such an ancient ride.


(Copyright Daniel Mark Extrom 2009-2011.  All rights reserved.)

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