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There are three different saints recognized by the Catholic Church that are named Valentine or Valentinus.
One legend is that Emperor Claudius II came to believe that unmarried men made better soldiers, and so he made it against the law for young men to marry. Valentine considered this to be wrong, and so he continued to perform marriages for young men and women. According to this legend, when Claudius found out, he ordered that Valentine be executed. He is believed to have been killed around 270 AD.

Another legend says that he was put to death for helping Christians were being beaten and tortured in Roman prisons.

Another says that while Valentine himself was imprisoned, he fell in love with a young woman, possibly a jailor’s daughter who came to visit him. Before his death, he was said to have sent her a letter, signed “From your Valentine.” Valentine was seen as a sympathetic and heroic figure, and his reputation grew through the centuries, becoming very popular in the medieval years.

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