May and June = Graduations!

Each Day You Write Your History

Each Day You Write Your History 10×8 inches.
Brown Frame.


Chances are there is someone in your family—son, daughter, niece, nephew, grandson, granddaughter, brother, or sister—who is graduating from middle school, high school, college, graduate school, military academy, medical school, nursing school, or law school this month. Think back to your own graduations. You were happy to be done with school for a while! And happy to be moving forward. You were looking forward to graduation parties and even gifts! And you were a little bit scared, weren’t you? Because life was going forward, and you weren’t sure where it was taking you, and how much of it you could control. These graduates feel those same things. Help them. Encourage them. Teach them a little more. Encourage a little more.

Graduations are achievements worthy of celebrations and congratulations.  These students, of whatever level, are our future, and we must encourage them, honor them, and let them know that their talents are needed, valued, and respected.  Opportunities must be available to them.

Best wishes for the graduate(s) that you know!  Make them feel a part of life in America, in this world. We need them, and we want them to feel needed and to feel important. Because they are wanted, and they are needed, and they are important, and they have accomplished more than many of us can even appreciate.  It’s a hard world they have grown up in, and it’s getting harder. Celebrate this day with them!

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