Nurses: National Nurses Week is May 6-12

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8×10 inches

Nurses:  Where would be without them? 


Speaking for myself, I would likely be single, since I’m happily and proudly married to one! She is incredibly smart and capable, as most nurses are. Their skills are real and intangible too. They are so important.

But aside from that, nurses are a necessary—in fact  imperative, and often unappreciated —part of our health care system.  Nurses, I think, are kind of like teachers: we remember the good ones and some not so good ones, and we generally fail to understand or appreciate the pressures of their professions and the circumstances in which they do their jobs, but we have high expectations of them, and when those expectations are not met (a judgment call on our part quite often) we don’t care about their pressures or the circumstances of their professions.  Both have hard jobs that many of the rest could never do, and most us wouldn’t want to do. These are often thankless jobs, but they are so important, and it is important that good people who are well-trained do these jobs, and it is important that we recognize them for what they do. Nurses (like teachers) often are responsible for a lot of people and a lot of things: patients and their families; paperwork; medications; supplies; advising physicians on present status; keeping up with changes in medications; dealing with personalities of patients, families, co-workers, physicians, hospital administrators, etc. And more. It’s a big and important job, and we must be grateful for them, and for what they do.

May 6-12 is National Nurses’ Week.  Thank you to all of them!


4×6 inches
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Thank a nurse (and a teacher too) for what they do.  They work hard for you, to help you!

I am making this poem available as a download, so you can give a very affordable gift to your favorite nurse. Just print and put in a frame. A perfect present! Your choice: 8×10 inches or 4×6 inches. Click here to see the download version.

I also have these as photo poems in frames. (Two different styles, one with two stanzas and one with one stanza.) Click here to see framed versions, in 6×4 inch size.

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