Of Distant Mist and Muffled Drum Memorial Day: Remember Them

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Memorial Day Weekend.   

This poem was inspired by a visit to Arlington National Cemetery several years ago.
Memorial Day: A time to remember. Remember those who served. Remember those who were wounded, some horribly and forever. And some were wounded in ways not so visible to the rest of us. Remember those who perished. Remember their families, who paid a horrible price too. Remember why these young men and women served and were injured and died. Remember that America is here because of their sacrifice. Remember that America is beautiful, and we do well to honor these fallen soldiers by keeping America beautiful. And to those who have been most blessed by America, remember these soldiers, and their sacrifice, which benefits you. Remember that those who are not so fortunate are Americans too. Be kind to them.

 Of Distant Mist and Muffled Drum

(Freedom’s Song)


Remember Freedom’s Song

We look upon this hallowed ground,

a mist now in our eyes.

We close them tight and hear the sound

of battle joined in smoke-filled skies—

exploding bomb and crackling gun,

shouts of soldiers oh so young,

bodies falling one by one.

We hear the pain in wounded cries

and listening still we realize

that now we hear the distant sound

of opened ground and crying mom,

earth now holding her brave son

whose eyes beheld the fate he found

soon before he hit the ground,

his cries then wrapped in silent sound

of death now taking one so young,

in a land so far from home.


They rest alone in simple graves;

their duty done, we let them sleep.

Can we keep what they have saved—

a republic made for us to keep*?

We hope they know we’re proud of them:

we’re awed by what they gave for us;

we’re sad for what they sacrificed;

we weep for lives lost so young;

our nation cries that they are gone.

We hope they would be proud of us—

a nation born of red, red blood

of fathers, mothers, daughters, sons,

proud to be Americans.


They who now are buried here

gave their lives with bravery—

lives then ended premature,

their blood the price for victory.

They fought the fight that freedom needs

with courage and with gallant deeds—

a fight so right, a fight so pure,

so this nation born of blood,

conceived in quest for liberty,

would yet live on and long endure.


We stand alert, our ears attuned,

listening as a bugle sounds

somber notes in mournful tone,

remembrance of the ones we love—

fathers, mothers, daughters, sons—

remembrance too of those unknown.

We’re proud of those now lying here,

joined together, yet alone.

We have no words but muffled moan

for those whose duty called on them

to fight the fight that freedom needs

with courage and with gallant deeds,

who died defending freedom’s song,

a song that still continues on.


We stand upon this hallowed ground,

hearing now the bugle’s sound;

and seeing them in distant mist,

we hear the tune of freedom’s song—

somber notes and muffled drum,

and marching boots of those so brave

who lie within a soldier’s grave.

Gathered here on hallowed ground,

echoed now in silent sound

of muffled drum and freedom’s song

are the boots of those so young:

May we keep what they have saved,

so we honor what they’ve done.

They died so we could keep that song—

such sacrifice from those so young.


Our eyes yet closed we look around

far beyond this hallowed ground.

We hear their boots now march again,

keeping time in distant mist,

steps precise, and muffled drum—

such sacrifice from those so young—

duty met and duty done.

And as our lives now move along,

we must remember what they’ve done,

their lives the price for freedom won:

They rest here now,

fathers, mothers, daughters, sons,

soldiers, sailors, aviators,

and most of all, Americans:

We must always honor them;

we must always hear their song.


*attributed to Benjamin Franklin, 1787


Of Distant Mist and Muffled Drum (Freedom’s Song)


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  1. J.lynn says:

    “of muffled drum” I like that.

    Sharing my memorial day poem with you. It’s form is: color form so it’s three poems in one.


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