Wedding & Love Poems

All of the picture poems offered on this website come in several different formats, including etched, printed, and printed on photographs, and in different layouts. Many pieces offer shorter versions of longer poems, and different verses may be used in different formats or layouts.

All poems can be etched on matting. Etching is a special process by which each piece is individually created by etching the picture matting itself. This allows for personalization. Etching requires additional time and is more expensive. Contact me to place a special order and for a quote at Below you will see photographs of etched pieces (Capturing the Vision, Dancing to the Echo, How Could We Have Ever Known?, A Thousand Dreams), and print-on-matte pieces (A Thousand Dreams, Still There is Love, I Have Dreamed Forever, Does It Take A Miracle?, May This Love, Golden Thread, etc.) and even some “Photo Poems” (A Thousand Dreams, Does It Take A Miracle?, etc.) .

Some poems are printed in both 20 by 16 inch sizes and 10 by 8 inch sizes. The 20 by 16 inch pieces are generally longer in terms of text, and the 10 by 8 pieces are generally shorter versions of the longer poem. Printed poems cannot be personalized, but are more affordable and are beautiful. The Photo Poem pieces are printed on photographic backgrounds, and come in various sizes.

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