An Orchid For Gloria: A Commissioned Memorial Poem


An Orchid for Gloria


Gloria suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease.  A wonderful and beautiful woman’s mind was taken. Her husband wanted to honor her as he remembered her.  He wanted to feature a photograph of his wife taken by his granddaughter.  Gloria loved to grow orchids.  This became the theme of the poem, as her husband wanted to memorialize his wife for something that she loved to do. It speaks to his love for her, and uses the orchid as a symbol of their love for each other.

“Though life has turned out differently / than we might have planned, / there are two things that have not changed / from so long ago: / you still love an orchid / and I love to hold your hand.”

It still hangs proudly in her husband’s home, and I like to think it will be passed down to the grandchildren, and that it will hang proudly in one of their homes.

I wish I had a better picture of the piece but I think you get the idea!

Consider donating to Alzheimer’s research: click here.





An Orchid for Gloria

This is a Commissioned Poem.  It is not itself for sale.

It is here to show you what can be done to honor someone special to you.  I can write one for your loved one.  It will be an heirloom, I like to think.


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