Behold the Dance of Your Soul: A Tribute to the Piano & to Music


For those who love the piano and music!


Behold the Dance of Your Soul


This was originally written as a thank you gift for my daughters' wonderful piano teacher.  People who know music, who can play music, who can appreciate music, seem to know something special.  And they do.  Musicians and singers are artists, and they recognize that a single note is indeed music, but when combined with another and another, at different tones, at varying times, and combined with other means of making notes (other voices, other instruments, other keys, etc.) the music is made magnificent and meaningful:  happy; clever; boisterous; joyful; somber; sad; ambitious; and so on. 


“Gathered together, / these are the whole: / the words that we write, / the things that we say, / the ticks of the clock, / the notes that we play, / the kindness that we bring, / the work that we do, / the songs that we sing. / These are the notes on the staffs of our lives: / the highs and the lows, measured in time. / This is the music we make of our lives. / This is the dance of our souls.”
Text in photograph.  A gift for the pianist.  A gift for the musician.  A gift for those who teach music.
A gift for those who love the piano.  A gift for those who love music.
Only $149.95  Framed*.
*Frames subject to availability.  We reserve the right to substitute a frame of similar color.
*Shipping, handling and sales tax, if applicable, are extra.
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“Behold the Dance of Your Soul”

A photographic piece.

Photo with text is 10 inches by 8 inches.


Shipping, handling and sales tax extra.  Purchaser is responsible for sales tax if outside of Illinois.


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