Have A Heart: A Downloadable Poem About Organ Donation



Have A Heart: A Downloadable Photo Poem

This poem was originally written to encourage a young man to keep his spirits up as he waited for a heart and kidney to become available. He was in the hospital for months, sometimes very sick and even close to death.  At times, when a heart or kidney would be available, he was too sick to undergo the surgery.  Ultimately, he was able to undergo two transplant surgeries, the heart and the kidney, within a couple of days, and the surgery was indeed successful.  He, and his family, are forever grateful to the donors and the donor families, and to the wonderful doctors and nurses and healthcare professionals who saved his life.

Today, several years later, he has graduated college, and he travels the country speaking and meeting with people to encourage organ donation.

This is what it’s all about. And others will benefit. Lives will be saved.

It might be yours, or someone you love.


“Be a gift. Have a heart.

Be the one to save a life:

your life will live again.”


This page contains the downloadable version of the poem.

The downloadable organ donation poems are on sale through April 30, 2015

To purchase a download, go to the Photo Poem Size box below, make your selection, and follow the cart. After paying at PayPal, you will see a link to click to get your download, or an email will come to your email address with instruction on how to get your download. You can print the downloaded poem in your printer and insert it in a frame. A gift of thanks. A gift to encourage others to give a gift of life.

And thank you for your purchase.

To register as an organ donor, go to Donate Life: click here.


To see the 20×16 inch etched version of this poem, click here.

To see the 4×6 photo poem, click here.

© Daniel Mark Extrom 2009-2014

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Have A Heart

This poem is intended to encourage people to register as organ donors.

“Be a gift. Have a heart.

Be the one to save a life:

your life will live again.”

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