That You Remember Me: A Downloadable Poem About Alzheimer’s Disease


“Though I may forget you,

it's important that you see

just how much it means to me

that you remember me.”

That You Remember Me

For and about those suffering Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia, and their families.

Download only $0.99 through June 30. Print and insert in frame of your choice. Limit 3 to a customer.  You may download up to three items but you do not have permission to resell these items. Sorry.

Give what you can to Alzheimer's Awareness or Alzheimer's Foundation. All of us are affected by these conditions, either directly or via a family member or friend.

Click here to donate to the Alzheimers' Foundation. Treatments are coming along and getting a bit more effective, but more needs to be done, and a cure needs to be found.

Copyright Daniel Mark Extrom 2009-2014.

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That You Remember Me

Downloadable.  8×10 inches. White Text on Gray Cloud background.


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