So Hope Will Live: An Etched Poem About Organ Donation 20×16

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An etched poem of gratitude to a donor and the donor's family. 


So Hope Will Live


This poem is written from the perspective of an organ recipient directed to an organ donor and his or her family. The donor's family has very recently undergone a terrible loss of their loved one, and their pain is still very recent and very raw, and organ recipients know this and appreciate that they have benefited from the donation of the organ(s) of someone whose death has sadly impacted their own loved ones while the gift of the organ(s) is intended to help someone else live.


“Know that I am grateful

for the life you gave to me.

May my life bring comfort

from the pain that hurts you so:

we are strangers now a family,

wherever we may go.

And may the life that lives in me

shine the light so all can see

that life goes on, ironically,

when we choose to donate life,

so hope will live, eternally.”



I am showing this with an oval opening, and my own photo appears there as a sample only.* For reasons stated below, this picture poem will be available only with a rectangular photo opening and not an oval opening.  The oval matte around the photo adds a large cost to the piece, and I would prefer to make these a bit more affordable. 

And I hope that these poems encourage people to consider being an organ donor.  I also hope the poems offer hope, solace and comfort to those needing an organ and to those families whose loved one has given an organ.

You can insert the organ recipient's photo, or the donor's photo can be inserted. If you wish, we can cut two openings to allow you to insert a photo of each for an additional $30.00.  And we will etch the names of the donor and the recipient too.

I also thank those health care workers with the expertise and the caring to be able to perform organ transplant surgery, on both the donor and the recipient, so others may live.  Those health care workers deserve our gratitude.

This etched piece is 20 x 16 inches, framed.

Offered with a gold colored matte around a rectangular photo opening, on black (not charcoal) matte.

With One Photo Opening:  $279.99      Add $30.00 for a second photo opening with double matte.*

Includes personalization. Contact me with the correct spelling of the name or names.

Includes a black or light brown frame, though it will not be the frame shown in the website as that frame is no longer available. 

*Shipping, handling and Illinois sales tax (if applicable) are extra.

For etched pieces, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Be an organ donor.  Donate life. Click here.


Click Here to See Photo Poem

To see the downloadable version, click here.

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Donate Life.

A poem about the importance of organ donation.

So Hope Will Live

Presently available only in black matte, with light brown frame or black frame. Rectangular photo opening only. The frame shown here is not available. The oval matte shown here is not available.

If you would like two openings, one for the donor and one for the recipient, add $30.00.  Personalization is included. Email names (correctly spelled please!) to me. Use the contact link above.

This is not presently available in printed form or in a 10×8 version.  If there is enough demand for the organ donation pieces, I may have them printed and offer them in lower cost versions.  Let me know if you would like that option.  Contact me with your thoughts.

For etched pieces, please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

*Disclaimer:  I have not been an organ recipient or donor, but I wanted to put a face in the photo opening, and my own mug came very cheap!

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