The Eyes of My Father: A Commissioned Memorial Poem

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The Eyes of My Father


This piece is here only to show you a sample of a commissioned piece.  (It is not itself for sale.)  A young man (okay, he is about my age, so that makes him middle-aged, or older!) wanted to do something to honor his father, who had died many years ago.  He wanted to incorporate several aspects of his father’s life and character:  1)  He was a WWII combat veteran; 2)  He loved to go fishing; 3)  He owned a restaurant; 4)  He loved to take home movies; 5)  He was a wonderful husband and father.

I asked the customer to send me some photographs that he would like to incorporate into the piece.  When I write these, I try to find a theme that would fit the customer’s wishes, and generally try to incorporate two or three specific ideas that the customer wants to emphasize.  In this case, the father’s eyes became the overarching theme, and then we went into the specific aspects of his life that were to be memorialized. Generally, space will only allow two or three subject areas, although in this case, we actually used a larger matte and frame than usual so we could incorporate three double-matted photo spaces and more text.  This one ended up being 24 by 18 inches so that we could touch on several things about his father. It is etched.

“His eyes, we knew, looked out for us; 
his eyes, I know, watched out for me. 
He taught me how a man should live
and what a life should be.
Now I look back so proud of him; 
I look back so gratefully.”


I like how this one came out.  And I think it really tells the story about the father’s life, and how much he meant to his  family.

The piece hangs proudly in the son’s home as a memorial to his father, and I like to think that it will be handed down from the son to one of his own children, and that they will want to exhibit it as well.

P.S. That would make it an heirloom.





The Eyes of My Father

24 by 18 inches.  Dark Brown Matte.  Framed.

Note: This is a sample only and is not itself for sale.  However, I can write one for you.  See Commissioned Poems.

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