Runners: It’s Time to Run!

A great gift for any runner!

Runner’s Blessing
8×10 inches. Black Frame.

Spring is Here. Are You Ready, Runners?


It looks like spring, but only on the calendar!  In Chicago, we still have snow on the ground, though some has melted. But they say more is on the way.  And it’s going to get cold again.

Someday, spring will be here, or maybe we’ll skip spring and go straight into summer. If I recall correctly, that’s how it happened a few years ago.

But the races are starting already.  I saw a photo today of someone who ran a 5K this morning.

It’s hard for many people to stay in shape after such a long, cold, snowy, miserable winter. Treadmills help, if you have access to one.

There’s a moment, different for everyone, when your brain settles down and focuses on breathing, on placement of feet, on the simple act of running.  It is possible to think of other things as you run, but it’s difficult. It’s the body’s way of making sure that all of the most necessary functions — breathing, heart beat, muscle control —remain the brain’s focus. Try doing math problems in your head as you run.  It’s not easy.  But then again, they were hard for me while I was trying to my homework many years ago!

Anyway, to all of you runners, have a great year!  Keep on running!



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