The Chicago Marathon Is Here

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To the first time marathoners . . .

You Are A Part of History

For those who are running their first marathon, there is nothing else like it . . . well, almost nothing. You’ve trained for it: hours of running, miles on roads and trails, aerobic training, cross-training, eating correctly. You’ve done 3 miles and 6 miles and 12 miles and 18 miles and 20 miles.  Soon the horn will sound and you, and thousands of others, will move toward the starting line, slowly at first, then a little faster, then a little faster, and then you will be off!  You’ll tell yourself you’re moving well. You’ll tell yourself you will remember every moment, every neighborhood, every band . . . but you won’t.  The miles will get harder, and perhaps a little slower, but you’ll keep going, because you want it, because you prepared for it, because it is something you set your mind to do.  And you’ll do it. You will.  And when it’s all over, you will be happy; you will be sore; your legs will hurt and feel weak; but you will be happy!  You will be a hero to yourself, and you deserve to feel that way, because you did it! 

And you will never forget it! You are a part of history.

And today’s race is dedicated to Wounded Warriors. 

Help a veteran. They are not entitled to it–they earned it!!!

Here is a poem for you, at least the last two stanzas:



I have willed my soul,
with all that is within me,
to keep a promise to myself,
to know my limits,
to know my strength,
and then to go beyond—
to take a pace and move on past
until I do become, at last,
a part of ancient history.
I am not a soldier
but now my fight is done.
I trained myself and fought myself;
my battle has been won.
I raise my arms up to the sky,
proud of my own victory.
I conquered my own self today:
I am a part of history.


© Daniel Mark Extrom 2008-2014. All rights reserved.




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