The Legacy: A Poem from an Organ Donor to His or Her Family

It is still Organ Donation Month.  I am re-running “The Legacy.”  This is a poem written from the perspective of a donor to his or her family.  It is intended to provide words of comfort to the family, and as a tribute to both donor and the family.

The Legacy

The Legacy
Donate Life.

Donate Life: Your life will go on living!

(Disclaimer on the photograph above: 
I wish I had a better-looking model for the piece!  Sorry.  All I had was me—I’m inexpensive.
You will insert a photograph of the donor into the piece.)

 The Legacy

I loved my life and had great plans
for dreams I would pursue.
I loved to learn and loved to work—
so much for me to do.
But plans and dreams—it always seems—
are subject to delay,
for life can bring surprises
that take us from our way.
I didn’t mean to leave so soon;
so much was left undone.
We always think that later’s there:
it comes with every sun.
I wanted to accomplish much—
perhaps do something great.
And though I have now moved along,
I’ve learned it’s not too late.
My family loved me very much,
and taught me well to share.
And I am able yet to give,
though I am not there.
There is a special part of me
that helps someone to live.
I’ve done something great, you see:
I found a way to give.
So a part of me still sees the sun,
in a different way.
My legacy gives life, you see,
each and every day.
So mourn me not, my family:
my spirit’s still in you.
The lesson that you taught so well
gives work I love to do.
I’m grateful I can help someone:
I’ve left a legacy
so someone else can yet live on
with some help from me.
The work I do now helps to hold
a family together.
Keep the memory of my gift
in your hearts forever.
I hope that you find comfort
in my memory:
the work I do helps someone live—
my greatest legacy.
Copyright Daniel Mark Extrom 2009-2012. All rights reserved.
Any copying or other use of this poem without express written permission is prohibited.

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