The Power of Words Part I

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I mentioned in my first post that part of the mission of this blog is to explore  the power of words.  The old phrase: “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words (or names) will never hurt me!” is, in my opinion, very wrong!  In fact, words can hurt far more deeply than broken bones.  Bones usually heal and the pain goes away, but the pain of hurtful words can last forever.  I think most of us wish we could take back some of those words.  So we must always be conscious of our words, not only for the power they have to uplift or encourage or to show love, but also for the power that they have to hurt or even destroy.  But words can also be used to motivate or inspire too, and sometimes tough words are necessary to bring about a change for the better in someone’s life and attitude. We might even have to speak some tough words to motivate ourselves sometimes, including using tough words to motivate us to get over someone else’s hurtful words directed at us!

My business is built on using words in a poetic way, not only for their own power, but also for bringing happiness, beauty, contemplation, fun, excitement, emotion, etc.  And, when the words are put next to a photograph, they make a beautiful picture and a lasting memory!

Words, of course, are not the only way to communicate.  A look or glance can show approval, or disapproval, or satisfaction or unhappiness, or can be quizzical, or can be critical.  Gestures too can convey a message.  I am a member of  Toastmasters, an international organization devoted to helping people become better speakers and leaders.  Last week I gave a speech which discussed the power of words. In the speech, I related an incident that occurred many years ago when I was a very small boy of 4 or 5 years old.  I had accidentally, and through my own stupidity, swallowed a marble!  I screamed, of course,  though not in pain. I just knew that that marble was on its way to a place where it wasn’t supposed to be, and my real pain came from the realization that I was really dumb, and I exposed my younger brother to the same risk that I took by putting a marble in my mouth.  He was just smart enough not to let it go down his throat!  I shouted to my mom that I was going to die!  I was sure of it.  She calmed me down by giving me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  She knew that always worked!  Finally, after I stopped crying, reality hit me:  “Mommy,” I said, “what’s going to happen to that marble?”   Mom didn’t then understand the power of her words.  Her answer was intended to comfort me.  She said,  “It will probably come out when you go to the bathroom.”  She smiled, failing to see the abject terror I felt as I looked down at what I perceived to be the exit path for that marble.  Some of you may recall the Seinfeld episode when Kramer passed a kidney stone in the men’s room while he was at a circus.  He screamed so loudly that the man on the high wire lost his balance and fell to the floor below, unprotected by a net.   I never felt the pain that Kramer felt (or the  pain that the high wire guy felt!), but I anticipated it for years, and the idea of going to the bathroom was, well, very scary for quite awhile.  In fact, now that I think of it, I never have seen that marble!  Great!  Now I’m scared again!!!!

Up on top of this post is a piece entitled “May This Home.” Here is a portion of that poem.  This was written earlier this year to celebrate the home and what it means to us.  I hope home means a place of comfort for you:

  May This Home

May this home give shelter
from the storms that life will bring
and may it give us music
when we yearn to sing.
May this home give comfort
and may it always be
a place of warmth and welcome
for friends and family.
May this home inspire
our minds to want to learn.
May this home give respite–
a place where we can turn
for knowledge and for wisdom
and for strength to face each fear.
May this home give love
to all who enter here.


You can see the full version of this poem by clicking here.  I have given a number of these as party gifts, in lieu of a bottle of wine, and people have always loved it.  They can insert a photograph of their own home, or perhaps a photo of their family in a home setting.  They can put it in their front entranceway to welcome visitors.  Or it goes nicely on a table in a living room or family room. It makes a great gift!  I only have a limited quantity of these pieces right now, but will be ordering more.   Next post I will mention some wedding pieces.  This is a time of year for weddings, and we have some very special wedding/engagement/love gifts in the collection! Feel free to take a look, also in “Special Occasions.”


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