Walk to End Alzheimer’s Disease

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A True Angel

For Marie. May She Now Remember Her Memories

An Alzheimer's Poem

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Alzheimer’s Disease Affects So Many Families

Sunday, September 21, 2014, a Walk to End Alzheimer’s will occur at North Central College, Benedetti-Wehrli Stadium. There are other walks in the Chicago area in the near future as well. See the link below for walks in Schaumburg, Libertyville, Glenview,  Chicago, Joliet,Lake in the Hills, and Harrisburg, IL.  Please register to walk or donate.  

This disease is one of the top 10 diseases in the US. You know someone—a friend or family member—who has this disease. You may have it, but not yet know it.

My mother-in-law, Marie, died earlier this year after suffering from the disease for the last 15 years of her life. She was able to live in her own home up until the day she died at age 93.  Her loving husband, Lou, took care of her for most of those years, and then she had a wonderful caretaker, Rose, who was with her for the last six months. Rose was more than a caretaker: she became a friend to Marie and to Lou. I wrote this poem for Marie about 6 years ago. I wondered whether she might be afraid that as she forgot others, they might forget her too.   I wrote “An Angel Flew to Heaven Today” earlier this year when she passed on. 

You can register to walk or donate here.


That You Remember Me

I’ve learned so much throughout my life
but there’s much I don’t recall. 
I know it’s in there somewhere
but it’s hard to find it all. 
It’s not that I’ve forgotten you
or the things I said I’d do:
I remember everything,
but it’s hidden somewhere I can’t see
just beyond my view. 


You see, there is a shadow where
there didn’t used to be,
and sometimes when I look right there,
it just confuses me.


I remember lovely flowers
and songs I used to sing.
I remember springtime showers
and rainbows they would bring.
I remember movies,
and who would be the star,
but sometimes it’s so hard for me
to know just who you are. 


I love to watch a baseball game 
or listen to the birds.
I love to tell you secrets
and listen to your words.
I love for you to sit with me;
perhaps you’ll hold my hand
and tell me that you love me:
that  I’ll understand.


My mind has ways of taking me
where I don’t want to go.
I know I know your name, you see;
just right now it’s hard for me
to think of things I really know
and to know what really is,
and what may not be so.
Though I may forget you
it’s important that you see
just how much it means to me
that you remember me.
©Daniel Mark Extrom 2009-2014. All rights reserved.

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