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Welcome to danielmarkpicturepoems.com! This is a brand new site which has three primary goals:

First: to advance the love of words and the power of words!

Second: to offer the most personal and unique gift items – gifts that you would be happy to receive and proud to give!

Third: to offer items that are beautiful to see, to hear and, most importantly, to think about.

Since there has been life on earth, there has been communication. Even insects and animals communicate with each other. Watch ants build a home. Watch birds build a nest and feed their young. We now have the most technologically-advanced communications systems in the history of the world, and they are amazing. Even 25 – 30 years ago, few could have imagined what is now available to so many people.

Yet, sometimes the simplest ways to communicate are the best. Poetry is one of the oldest art forms, one of the simplest communication forms, and one of the most effective communication tools. It has been used to pass down ideas, history and memories in a form that could be remembered by later generations, before there were writing systems to record and preserve those histories. It has been and is still used to convey messages of hero glorification, love, commitment, celebration, appreciation, recognition, kindness, caring, anger, frustration: in short, the entire existence of human life and thought and emotion.  There are poems for weddings, love, babies, memorials, pets, sports, music, occupations, inspirational, nature and holidays.

I don’t claim to be a world-class poet, for there are many who have studied it for years, who have written volumes of it, who have critiqued the words written by others. I do not ask to be judged by those who are educated in it or who are accomplished in it, for I will fail in comparison. I simply write simple words and record simple thoughts, mostly striving for some form of rhythm, often with some rhyme, and then these words are used to accentuate your photographs. We put the words on picture matting, leaving room for your photo, or that of your loved one.

I think it makes a unique gift item, and the goal is to offer beautiful, unique and provocative items to decorate a small part of a home or office. I will constantly be adding to the collection, so watch as it grows.  And I can write something special for you or one of your loved ones, and it will be an heirloom forever.  Tears followed by multiple  “thank you’s” are quite common. We offer love poems, wedding  poems, engagement poems, graduation poems, holiday poems, sports poems, and much more!  Cruise on through, and let me know what your think!

I hope you follow along with me as I develop this business and these poems and products. I welcome your thoughts, ideas and suggestions. Feel free to email me.

Right now, the site is still in the developmental stage, so please bear with me as everything gets fine-tuned. I will make mistakes, and I apologize in advance for them.  Most of all, I hope this site will be fun, inspirational, thought-provoking, and happy!

And off we go!

Daniel Mark Extrom
July 5, 2010

About the Author

About the Author: Husband. Father. Friend. Writer. Lawyer. Businessman. Gift maker. Poet. Lover of learning. This site is a labor of love, a mid-life crisis come to life. I love words and I love making gifts that I know people love! They please the eyes and touch the heart! (I hope!) .


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