Nurses: Two Downloadable Sizes



A Gift to Honor a Nurse: Downloadable. Affordable.

Nurses are so important, to each of us, to our families, to the doctors, and to our healthcare system.

The downloadable versions of “Nurse” are on sale through April 30, 2015

Nurses have a lot of knowledge, more than you know. And they have a lot of skills. And they have hard work to do, because you have a very complex body, and medical science is a very complex thing to learn.  And personalities are involved: patients; family members; doctors; other nurses and hospital staff. And medications, and possible side effects or allergic reactions. And technology! And language issues too.

So they have a lot to know.  And to do. And they try to do it with a smile, to help you feel better.

Thank them! And smile back!

Here is a downloadable piece that you can print and put in a frame. And you have a perfect present to say “thank you” to a nurse! Limit 3 to a customer.  $4.99 for the 8×10.  $2.99 for the 4×6.

(Also available in 6×4 inch framed photo poem. Two versions.)

Click Here to See Photo Poem

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Nurses: Two downloadable sizes.

8×10 inches:  $4.99

4×6 inches:  $2.99

Insert in a frame of your choosing. A great gift.

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