Nurses: Three Downloadable Sizes



A Gift to Honor a Nurse: Downloadable. Affordable.

Nurses are so important, to each of us, to our families, to the doctors, and to our healthcare system.


Nurses have a lot of knowledge, more than you know. And they have a lot of skills. And they have hard work to do, because you have a very complex body, and medical science is a very complex thing to learn.  And personalities are involved: patients; family members; doctors; other nurses and hospital staff. And medications, and possible side effects or allergic reactions. And technology! And language issues too.

So they have a lot to know.  And to do. And they try to do it with a smile, to help you feel better.

Thank them! And smile back!

Here is a downloadable piece that you can print and put in a frame. And you have a perfect present to say “thank you” to a nurse! Limit 3 to a customer.  $.99 for the 4×6. $1.99 for the 8×10. $2.99 for 16×20. Please note that the 16 by 20 inch downloadable piece will not print in standard printers. You might have to download and take it to a store, or order online, through a Costco or Walmart or other store that can print poster-size pieces.

(Also available in 6×4 inch framed photo poem. Two versions.)

Click Here to See Photo Poem

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Nurses: Three downloadable sizes.

16×20 inches: $2.99 (Note: This will be too big to print in a standard printer!)

8×10 inches:  $1.99

4×6 inches:  $.99

Insert in a frame of your choosing. A great gift.

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