To Request A Commissioned Poem: An Experiment

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To Request a Poem For Someone Special


Most of the poems on this website were written because someone asked me to write something for them or for someone special to them. They wanted a unique and memorable gift to give. In other words, they commissioned me to write something for them, somewhat like hiring an artist to paint a portrait or a photographer asking for a sitting fee, though I expect you’d pay a whole lot more for either a portrait or even a photographer’s fees.


Some are shown in the Gallery above.

I am going to try an experiment here.

On this page you can request a commissioned poem, something special for someone you know.   Here you can tell me a little bit about the subject, the theme of the poem, the occasion, and the recipient.  These can take a while since I will have to write a poem, get it to you for approval, make changes, then do a layout, send it to the etcher, have him do a more refined layout, then submit to you, the purchaser, for approval and spelling proofs, then obtain the matte if not in stock, then arrange for actual etching, and so on. In any event, use the boxes below to give me some information with which to get started, and we will exchange more information via email and probably by telephone too.  I will try to have the finished products done in 4 to 6 weeks, but cannot guarantee that.

As an experiment, I am offering to create a total of three (3) shorter poems (of 8 lines or less) for a deposit fee of $50.00 per poem request.  This means I will do this for the first three people who request this service.  We will see how this works out. You can still request a longer poem for a $100.00 retainer-deposit, though at present, I will limit this offer to three (3) requests. The offer is one poem per requesting customer. In other words, you can't request that I do three poems for you!   And, once you approve the poem, you must purchase the etched picture poem at a price substantially as described herein.  In other words, you cannot simply ask me to write a poem for you and then take it elsewhere to do a presentation or keep it for your own purposes.  The retainer or deposit is just to start the writing process, and you agree to pay the writing fee and the price of the final picture poem.

Below you will see  some selection boxes by which you can provide some basic information so I can get an idea of what you are interested in, and there is a place to pay your retainer (deposit). The shorter pieces are an experiment, and so I will be interested in seeing how this works out.  The provisions on this website in regard to Commissioned Poems or Commissioned Pieces remain in effect.  See those pages for other related information.

This offer is to write a poem of 8 lines or less for a non-refundable retainer (deposit) writing fee of $50.00 each.  It will be limited to 8 lines, and ultimately would be etched on matte with a rectangular opening. You can choose to have it etched on a 10 x 8 inch matte, with double matte and personalization included. I anticipate that the 10×8 or 8×10 sized etched pieces will run around $100.00 framed.  (See The Perfect Friend” as a sample.) That piece has more text, but the matte costs, the etching costs and the frame costs would be similar; as such, let's say that the finished piece will be priced at $150.00 plus shipping and sales tax, if applicable, and this price includes the retainer fee of $50.00. This would not include an oval matte.  One double matted rectangular opening only. Personalization included.  Let me know if you prefer rhyming or not.  (I like rhyming myself, though somewhat modified.)

For longer pieces of more than 8 lines, you will see a selection box to send in a deposit or retainer writing fee of $100.00.  I cannot get started without it. Sorry.  And it is not refundable. I will accept three (3) requests for longer poems.

For the longer pieces, it will be possible to put these on 10 by 8 or 8 by 10 matte, though in some cases it might be more appropriate for 20 by 16 inch matte, double matte.  The final price for the finished 20 x 16 inch etched product, including one double matte opening, and a frame, plus shipping, handling and sales tax, will approximate the prices for 20×16 etched pieces seen in this website for other titles, plus the writing fees. As such, a commissioned poem, 9 or more lines, will end up approximating $100 (although this writing fee may go up also) plus about $350 for a 20×16 inch matte with one double matte opening, frame, shipping, handling and sales tax if applicable.  This is an estimate only, and the ultimate price may end up being somewhat more or somewhat less. If it can be done on an 8×10 or 10×8 matte, the price will be significantly less.

See the “Product Description” area below the Selection Boxes for additional information about pricing.

As with most of the pieces on this site, I may choose to make your commissioned poem part of the inventory offered to the general public, and you will have no rights to or in the poem.  And I reserve the right to show the finished piece on the website.  But you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you and your friend or family member inspired the writing of it, and that you gave or received the first one of that poem!



Short Commissioned Poem:  $50.00 retainer (a deposit or down payment) writing fee plus finished product fee , which includes etching, mattes, frame and personalization.  The final price will be $150.00 or higher, depending upon writing time, approvals, and size of matte. (I will not charge a writing fee higher than $100.00.)


Long Commissioned Poem:  $100.00 retainer (deposit) writing fee plus finished product fee , which includes etching, mattes, frame and personalization.   The final price will likely be between $200.00 (if you choose an 8×10 matte and frame) and $400.00 if you choose a 20×16 inch matte and frame. But these are estimates only.  (I will not charge a writing fee higher than $200.00.)

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