Your Guiding Star: A Graduation Poem





     Today I am running “Your Guiding Star,” another graduation poem to honor       2012 high school and college grads.  Congratulations, Graduates! You are burdened with the likelihood of overwhelming student loan debt, and you are inheriting a world far more complicated, selfish, angry and economically and politically divided than ever.  Fix it, please!  We are not capable!

Your Guiding Star

The roads stretch out before your eyes,

calling you to choose.

The path that now has brought you here

perhaps seemed very long.

You persevered and made your way;

the trip has made you strong.

Up to now that path you took

has not steered you wrong.


And now you’ve come to realize

a goal has been achieved.

We clap for your accomplishment;

we praise what you have done.

And now it’s time to start the work

so long ago conceived.


Passions make you happy,

but also bring you tears.

Keep your eyes upon the roads

and let your spirit soar.

Remember that the life you are

is what you’re living for.


You know there are so many roads;

you needn’t choose just one.

Life has ways of turning us

from where we had begun.


Let knowledge guide your passions.

Let wisdom guide your heart.

The destination that you seek

is not the place you start.

Choose a road and don’t look back;

be not afraid to turn.

Choosing one does not imply

that you can’t return.

Most of all, live your life,

and love the life you are.

And know that you must always learn,

for knowledge is your guiding star.


©Daniel Mark Extrom 2008-2012. All rights reserved.

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