Friend to Friend: A Photo Poem. 4×6 inches.



“Here we are

—friend to friend—

sharing life once again,

just the way

we did back then.”


Friend to Friend


A great way to tell a friend how much you appreciate her or him. You get to send a flower and a poem at the same time, and it won't just be read and thrown away!  Your friend can look at it every day, and think of you, a friend.

Here's the backstory.  A very nice lady wanted a special gift to give to her friend.  This was a friend who had been a friend for many years.  They had known each other since college.  They moved to different parts of the country and had separate lives, but always kept in touch.  Marriage and children and grandchildren took them in different directions, yet they remained close friends, and ultimately became geographically close later in life.  She wanted a poem to give to her friend.  This poem is short but I think it expresses the sentiment.  It was originally printed on a photograph of the two of them, and they both loved it.

I have now put it on a flower background, with choice of frames.

4 x 6 inches  $16.99*

Comes in White, Black and Brown Frames only.

*Shipping, handling and sales tax, if applicable, are extra.

Poem and photo Copyright Daniel Mark Extrom 2009-2014. All rights reserved.

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Friend to Friend

Text is printed on pink rose background.

Available in 4 x 6  inches, black, brown or white frame.

Shipping, handling and sales tax, if applicable, are extra.


©Daniel Mark Extrom 2009-2014.  All rights reserved.


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